10words: Privacy Policy


Here's the deal: 10words is a simple site and a simple service. It doesn't collect a lot of information, only what it needs to operate and provide the services you see on the site and newsletter. It's all opt-in, and you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. You can request to delete any of your data that is stored at any time by contacting chris@10words.io.

The personal information that may be collected (i.e. your email address) is never shared. In the unlikely event your email ends up in the wrong hands because of 10words, I will let you know.

Website Users

When you browse the 10words website, it may store cookies in your browser to help track favorites, referrals, analytics, and other info. Feel free to turn off your cookies - the site will still operate, but you may miss out on full functionality.

Newsletter Subscribers

When you sign up for our newsletter, 10words collects your email ... so it can send you the newsletter. Scandalous, right? Well, if you ever want 10words to stop sending you emails - there is a subscription management link at the bottom of every email, or just reach out and let me know.

Project Submitters

By submitting your project to 10words, you agree that 10words can share the link, title, and description with our users via the 10words newsletter, site, and tools (obviously, since that's why you're submitting it!). If you ever want us to remove your account or project from our system, just let me know.

External Tools

10words uses tools like Google Analytics to help monitor traffic, but they only receive anonymized data - never your email.

10words also uses Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn buttons for sharing. Those tools are governed by the individual service.

Did I miss anything?

10words have been transparent since day 1. Let me know if you have any questions or would like any clarifications at chris@10words.io.

Created by @cjbeauchamp